Going where wheeled vehicles simply cannot

Due to the large surface contact of the Tatou tracks, the maximum speed has to be reduced by half in order to maintain normal operation of the vehicle without damage to the engine. This is easily done by replacing the original wheel with a sprocket , the Tatou Kit allows you to maintain power without making mechanical changes to your ATV. The sprocket drive system is designed to give your ATV the perfect ratio of power to speed for all winter conditions.

An ATV with the Tatou Track system installed will measure about 57 inches wide maximum (the smallest measures 47 inches). Depending on the type of truck you have, and being that the standard width of a truck's cargo area is about 60 inches wide, there shouldn't be any problem transporting your ATV. You can use a platform inside the cargo area to equalize the surface between the wheel humps.

The Tatou system was developed for use on snow only. It was tested on all snow surface conditions; hard-packed, powder, and heavy, without any variation in performance due to the perfect ratio of power to speed.

Your towing capacity will be increased due to the Tatou's large surface contact of the tracks.

You can estimate it taking two to three hours for the first installation of your new Tatou system. Subsequent installations shouldn't take more than an hour. Then your adventures with Tatou can begin!

Different snow surface conditions, such as hard-packed or powder, will either increase or decrease driver effort required to steer. For example, on a hard-packed snow surface, the ATV will steer as easily as with wheels.

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